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Rodents are a group of troublesome pests that include the likes of mice, rats, and squirrels. Not only can they spread disease, but they can also contaminate food and damage property. So whether you need pest control support in your home or business, call in an expert to help trap these pests. 


The Mice

It’s no surprise that rodents are looking for a way into your Somerset home or business. With summer just around the corner and their natural habitats not as prevalent as before, they’re going to be looking for shelter. And as live traps can take some time before they catch anything, you want to get rid of mice as quickly as possible.


The Squirrels

Just like the mouse, squirrels are going to be looking for a nice warm place to stay, and often the roof cavity of a property is just the place. Unfortunately, they can do extensive damage to your insulation and electrical wiring (gnawing through it and causing electric shock or fire) in their search for food and materials to make their nests, which can cause problems.


The Rats

Like the mouse and squirrel, rats are also looking for somewhere warm to stay during the winter months with good food sources. And just like their cousins, rats are going to cause problems within your Somerset home or business, spreading diseases with their feces and urine when they visit.

Why are rodent infestations so difficult to get rid of?

Rodents are highly intelligent, adaptable and aggressive animals that can thrive anywhere there is food and shelter. Squirrels, for example, can squeeze into tiny spaces and entry points so they can easily take up residence in your home and cause damage. Both rats and mice are particularly tricky because they can enter just about anywhere and then start nesting in the wall between the inside of your home and the outside, leaving their droppings as they go.

Rodents are very similar to humans in a way, both in their natural habitat and the places they like to live; they both seek shelter, a food source and a water source in their environment. They’re also very intelligent, which makes removal once they have found a suitable home and food very difficult if you try to trap them yourself.


If you already have rats and mice in your business or home, you need to call experts quickly to remove the problem. If you’re not careful, they can end up making themselves at home inside your property and leaving droppings before long.

If you’re inadvertently feeding rats and mice or providing a food source through your food waste bins (particularly with meat) or fruit trees, then you need to remove that immediately or place some traps in those areas so that they stay away. Rats and mice don’t live where they don’t have anything to eat.

To reduce the chances of having a rodent problem, make sure all of your entry holes are filled and any possible food sources, such as bird feeders (the squirrels especially love to eat from those), are removed or inaccessible. This means plugging gaps in property foundations, covering up drains with wire mesh, and putting netting over fruit trees to stop them from climbing up.

Rodent control can be very complicated if you are not working with a professional pest controller and can easily go wrong if you perform pest control yourself.


How much does rodent removal cost?

Unlike Wasp nests and other insects, for example, this largely depends on the scale of the problem. But, again, this is why it’s important to get an expert opinion from a pest control professional.

Many different mouse control services are available in Somerset and other rodent problems such as squirrels and rats. The price can vary significantly depending on what type of rodent infestation you need help with.

I have pets, is pest control pet friendly?

Because we want to trap the pests, not your pets, I won’t use any pest control solution that may be toxic to your pets. I understand this, and I have ways to deal with the problem without using chemicals that aren’t friendly for pets.

Your pets are part of your family, and I will do everything to ensure that your animals are safe while I work to remove any rodent infestations.


A few telltale marks are all you need to know if you have a mice infestation. Rodents’ feces, for example, are about the size of a grain of rice and darkish grey in colour with pointed ends. They can be found anywhere inside your home where there is rats and mice activity.

Rats’ tracks and urine stains on the floor will also tell you if you’ve got some unwanted guests: the stains are dark and greasy looking with a strong musky odour.

The most obvious sign of Rodent intrusion is nesting and burrows. You’ll usually find evidence of nesting inside the wall area of your home if you have rat and mice infestations. Similarly to birds nests, they are made up of leaves, grass, cloth, insulation, and anything else a mouse or other pests can get their paws on in their environment.

Rodent burrows look like small mouse holes, usually about an inch in diameter. They are found outside your home, where there is rat or mouse activity. Putting a humane bait trap near those can prove effective, especially if they’re looking for food.


Do you think you have rodents?

Don’t wait – call to discuss your options and book your pest control!

What are some rodent control measures that you take?

There are a few Rodent control measures that I take to deal with infestations. For example, I can seal off entry points, trapping them outside and ensuring they cannot get in again. Another way is by eradicating food sources such as meat – this will make the rodents lose interest in your property as they don’t have anything to eat.

If you find that rat control seems like too much of a hassle, call in the experts. I can help with all aspects of rat control, whether getting rid of the current infestation or taking measures to ensure future infestations are unlikely. In addition, I offer Rat prevention services and other rodent preventative measures throughout Somerset at very affordable rates.

Why should I get rid of a rodent infestation?

The main Rat-related issue in homes is rat damage, which can be very costly if not dealt with promptly. Rodents gnawing through electrical wires, for example, can cause a fire hazard in your home. They are also known carriers of rat-bite fever and Weil’s disease.

They’ll also chew through just about anything they can get their teeth on – wires, doors, walls, furniture and even shoes. Unfortunately, they are also known to spread diseases while doing so, which is another reason it’s important to take care of Rat infestations before the problem gets out of hand.


1. Contact

Contact me, and I’ll come out to inspect the property. I may also need to do treatment that is most effective at an early stage of infestation, so if you have noticed signs of rats or other rodents, call me straight away on 01460 202420.

2. Survey

I will need access to all your property or business areas, including access points where rodents are entering and exiting. I’ll use bait traps to keep rodents away from your home, handling your pest control problem.

3. Treatment

The rat treatment that I use will vary depending on the size of the rat infestation. Since rat problems are most successfully dealt with early, action is essential. If you’ve noticed signs of rat activity, please get in touch immediately.

4. Aftercare

I’m not just going to place traps and bait, throw down some plastic boxes and other electronic traps and leave you with dead rodents lying around. Post-treatment, I’ll visit and do rodent prevention and inspection to ensure you don’t end up with another problem, giving you a rodent-free home.