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Who are the BPCA?

The BPCA are a non-profit that regulate the pest control industry. They’re on your side, ensuring that their members follow their codes of best practice.

The BPCA Help you

With their guidance (and three core principles)

The BPCA guide the industry with the training and instruction it needs to adapt to new pest-control threats. This means your pest control problem gets sorted without any fuss.

Ever worked with someone who didn’t turn up on time, did a poor job, and still took your money anyway? Working with a BPCA member (such as myself 😉) means that you know you’re working with a professional.


Getting the job done

In a world where tradesmen work like they’re in a rush to go home, the BPCA ensure you get results and solutions. The BPCA only accept experienced, professional and qualified experts as their members. This means that you can be confident that the job will be done properly, on time and to a high standard.


Being polite and on time

The principle of this one is simple. No one likes it when someone is late or doesn’t show up at all. It’s even worse when you’re expecting them to do something important. The BPCA’s code of conduct requires all of their members to behave with professional and personal integrity; and to be respectful, truthful and honest.



Fancy paying someone to do a job then cleaning up after them? I didn’t think so. The BPCA requires all of its members to clean up after themselves. This means that when I’m finished with the job, I’ll make sure that everything is back in its place and that there’s no waste left behind. Not only that, the BPCA regulate the environmental impact of pest control.

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