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I’m Warren, and as a BBKA-trained expert, I specialize in the humane extraction of bees from your property, ensuring that these vital pollinators are safely relocated without harm.

Warren Smyth

Managing Director, Smyth Pest Control

The Importance of Professional Bee Extraction

Bees play a crucial role in our Somerset ecosystem, pollinating plants that produce much of the food we consume. Unlike other pests, bees require careful handling and relocation, not extermination. Attempting to remove bees without proper training can be dangerous to both the individual and the bees, and is detrimental to their already declining populations.

That’s why professional bee extraction is not just a service—it’s a responsibility that I take seriously. My methods ensure that bees are not harmed during the extraction process, preserving their colonies and the environment. By choosing professional extraction, you’re contributing to the health of our local ecosystems and ensuring these essential creatures can continue their work in a more suitable location.


Do I need to remove a bees nest?

Not necessarily, but if you notice an unusual number of bees around your property, or find a hive, it’s time to call in a professional. I can assess whether the bees are a risk to you or your property and provide a swift, safe extraction service if necessary.

What if I'm allergic to bees?

No worries at all! If you’re allergic to bees, it’s even more crucial to have a professional like me, Warren, handle any bee situations at your place. I take extra care to safely remove the bees, minimizing any risk to you. Your safety is my top priority, so I’ll ensure the bees are relocated without causing you any stress or harm. Just give me a ring, and I’ll sort it out swiftly and safely, keeping those bees at bay and you out of harm’s way.

The bee Extraction Process

The process begins with a detailed assessment to determine the best course of action. This includes identifying the species of bee, the location of the hive, and the potential impact on the surrounding area.

I then carefully extract the bees, using gentle methods to encourage them into a new hive box. This may involve the use of non-harmful attractants or gentle smoke to calmly guide the bees without causing them stress. The bees are then relocated to a safe environment where they can continue their vital work.

Post-extraction, I provide advice on how to prevent future bee infestations and can offer regular check-ups to ensure your property remains bee-free. Throughout the process, I maintain open communication with you, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable with each step taken.

How do I tell if I have bees or wasps?

Bees are often mistaken for their more aggressive cousins, wasps. While wasps can be more of a nuisance and pose a greater risk to people, bees are generally non-aggressive and crucial for pollination. Bees are essential for the health of our gardens, crops, and natural landscapes. Understanding these differences is key to managing them correctly. Bees are typically more docile and are less likely to sting unless provoked, whereas wasps can be more defensive of their nests. Additionally, bees are a protected species, and their conservation is vital for environmental health.

If you’re dealing with wasps, you’ll need a different approach. Learn more about my wasp nest removal services to see how I can assist you with these more challenging pests.

Where are you?

I’m in Somerset, United Kingdom, and I also serve the surrounding counties (such as Dorset and Devon)

My BBKA training and method

With my training from the British Beekeepers Association, I’ve got all the skills to safely manage bee extractions. My approach is always to prioritize keeping you and the bees safe, using methods that respect both your home and your bees. This involves a detailed understanding of bee behavior, biology, and the environmental factors that influence their habitats.

I use this knowledge to apply the most humane and effective extraction techniques, ensuring that every bee extraction is conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. No fuss, just effective, friendly service – that’s my promise to you.

1. Contact

Have you spotted a bee swarm or an unwanted hive on your property? Don’t fret – I’m here to help. Drop me a line or give me a ring, and I’ll be right over to take a look.

2. Survey

Bees are unique creatures, so I start with a thorough survey to understand the extent of your problem. I’ll come to your property, assess the situation, and chat with you about the best course of action. Together, we’ll make sure the bees are handled with care.

3. Treatment

I’ll use the safest, most effective methods to gently relocate the bees, ensuring they can continue their important work in a more suitable environment. Rest assured, I’ll take care of the bees and your property with the highest standards.

4. Aftercare

After the bees have been safely relocated, my service doesn’t stop there. I’ll provide you with all the advice you need to avoid future infestations and ensure your property remains a bee-friendly zone. Plus, I’m always here for a follow-up if you have any concerns or questions.